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Whether you are here to sample my music, buy it, obtain the sheet music to play it, or to see  if I am the composer you are looking for. 

You know what you want, or you may be open to suggestions.

Every composer has a unique style of course.

As a young composer I am very flexible and enjoy the collaboration process, which usually leads to mutual satisfaction.

My rates are competitive as I don’t carry heavy overheads, or the demands of celebrity status.

I am...

An exciting, imaginative, young composer with a fresh approach to all the genres of music

A versatile writer of lyrics, narrative and dialogue

A producer editor in audio and video

A sound designer

An animator

In June 2020 I became the first composer to write a song for The Queen. ‘Lilibet’ a joyous anthem sung by soprano, tenor and choir. Listen to the ‘Lilibet’ preview:

  1. Lilibet preview 1:04

Also on the CD sent to her, ‘Pomp’ an orchestral overture dedicated to her reign of 65 years. Listen to the ‘Pomp’ preview:

  1. Pomp preview Rhett Buckley 0:40

Pomp has been played at the last two graduation ceremonies at AMPA (Australian Music and Performing Arts) becoming a tradition.

Ready to go for Lunar New Year 2021 in Vietnam is his composition ‘Chúc mừng năm mới.’

Currently Rhett  is scoring for the television series ‘Magnum Pontem’ set in 19th Century United States of America, a RAF World War II English romantic drama (title withheld) a characteristically quirky musical and songs for ‘Gods of Thunder Down Under’.

What I can offer

Looking for ideas to suit, or a change of style.

Original jingles, stings and made to measure music.

Distinctive musical trade marks.

Music properly choreographed.

Engaging and interesting.

Imagination unrestrained.


As a composer Rhett William Buckley has the gift of originality. While regular musicians write about topics you hear in every other song, Rhett is more comfortable penning tunes about pirates and even for the Queen. Anything different, strange, impossible, or lost to another era, Rhett will jump at. The result is a symphony of originality, charm, good humour and delight.

David Stanley - The Beatniks

Rhett William Buckley is a young composer with a genuine love of music the world over, and regularly demonstrates beautiful examples of musical themes and tributes as key components within his works. Rhett's music always presents a sincere and evocative aesthetic and the makings of a fine tunesmith.

Anton Koch - Composer and teacher


Have you ever considered hiring a composer:

  • to compose a song or a piece
  • to your lyrics, poem, message or occasion
  • a unique and lasting gift
  • to your brief, choice of genre, instruments, with or without vocals
  • recorded or just the sheet music
  • enjoy the process of collaboration

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